Interbay Farmer’s Market

It’s a weird little drag between Ballard and Belltown where the Interbay farmer’s market sets up shop every Thursday from 3-7 pm in the parking lot of the Whole Foods Market right off 15th Ave W.  If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit.  Besides the usual favorites, like Tall Grass Bakery, Skagit River Ranch and Alvarez Organic Farms, you’ll find people like these folks:

Samuele & Sara Lucchese of Pasteria Lucchese.  You can’t get more authentic Italian than these two and their handmade pastas, sauces and dangerously delicious desserts.  They’re a a two-man operation, formerly in the restaurant biz and now turned pasta professionals.  From squid ink pasta, to smoked-salmon filled raviolis, if you’re hankering for some pasta made with love, stop by and say hi to the Luccheses.

I love it when people bottle a little taste of home.  Julie Quach of Four Sisters Gourmet Sauces has done just that by taking the natural and simple ingredients of her Vietnamese grandmother’s recipes and turning them into some of the spiciest and tastiest chili and dipping sauces.  Use them straight as a condiment or try them in marinades or stir-fry, but be forewarned, even the mildest packs a punch. 

Seattle is spoiled when it comes to its backyard bakeries.  I never get tired of  Besalu and Columbia City, but what a treat to discover a European bakery from across the bridge in West Seattle.  Little Prague European Bakery tempts with its lovely kolaches and, my favorite this afternoon, the fruit bar–a yeast dough baked with a mixed berry and apricot topping.  Warmed by the afternoon sun, it tasted just like eating a mouthful of summer.  I ate it so fast, there was no time for photo ops of that delicious beauty. 

This market has a little over 20 stalls, most mainly food oriented, and there are a few non-food artisans selling unique items like handmade tiles and soaps, plus chef cooking demos which are always fun to watch and sample from.  Parking is ample and exiting is easy, just follow the “Exit” signs in their parking lot which take you straight to a light for easy access to head back north or south on 15th.  Good food from happy vendors, produce in the peak of season, the Interbay farmers market is a great end-of-the-week pit stop for all things local and delicious.